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Varicose Veins In Legs - What To Do

So you have noticed varicose veins in legs?  Yours?  What do they mean and when should you treat them?

Sure they don’t look great!

Often this can be the main reason you want to do something about them.

Usually something happens to provoke your decision.  After all they often tend to come on quite slowly. 

Pregnancy's Influence

For women, they can first become noticeable with a pregnancy.  It may not be the first one. 

Pregnancy can be associated with the first presentation of varicose veins in legs.Pregnancy - often when first varicose veins appear

If that is when you initially noticed yours then likely you would have seen them improve after your delivery.  At times they can even seem to disappear until the next pregnancy.

Once they show long term though you will have noticed how they tend to gradually get worse. 

Sudden Changes in Varicose Veins in Legs

At times there can be a relatively sudden change. 

This might even be what has made you consider getting something done about them now.

What if you left them alone?  What would happen then?

Best Indicator For Treatment

This is difficult to predict for any one person and so far the most reliable indicator amidst the multitude of associated symptoms is itching

If you are noticing this I would recommend getting them treated in the near future.

Even if they do not appear that dramatic on the surface it is what is going on deeper that is important.  Rather like an iceberg there can be more problems beyond the skin.


They can appear anywhere on your legs, from the groin, and even just above that, to the ankles or even your feet

Again this is just the part that is visible to the naked eye.

An ultrasound will reveal the deeper parts of varicose veins in legs.


There are varied patterns including those associated with the main skin draining or collecting veins. Some varicose veins have associated spider veins. 

In certain people this is the main feature.  Others may not have many or any at all.

Causes And Associations

There are a number of causes behind varicose veins.  Some of these you can influence to slow the deterioration.  Others not so.

The underlying abnormality is what causes similar problems elsewhere  in the body like the oesophagus (esophagus for US people). 

Haemorrhoids also are somewhat related.

Their Character

What exactly constitutes varicose veins in legs?  Basically a disturbed flow that interferes with return of your blood back to your heart.  

This creates many of the problems associated with them.  The dynamic of their creation is a little different to what is often portrayed.

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Treatment Expectations

Even so they can be managed very effectively, while you remain active, with minimal interruption to your life.

Left alone you will definitely develop more.  

Treating them will prevent further local veins from developing.

The underlying cause or reason why you were susceptible to them in the first place is usually still present.  This still could cause totally new ones to occur over a prolonged time.

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