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Health-Body Naturally Optimal Resilience In Today’s World

Health-body links are being progressively explored.  Especially in the face of the current explosion in obesity and chronic diseases like diabetes, heart disease and dementia that threaten to overwhelm the health care budgets of every country.

Health-body links are increasingly demonstrated as we confront our increasing weight along with other health challengesWhy do we struggle with our weight?

Not long ago, we felt we were getting our human health challenges licked.  Life expectancy continued to increase decade by decade.

Like practically all my peers, I embraced current medical wisdom on diet and exercise that we recommended for all our patients. 

Yet more recently I have found an alternative way that takes us back to real connection with our body the way it was designed to work.

The Medical Line On Body Health

For practically all my medical life I believed in, practiced and encouraged the party line for ideal health.  Backed by heart organisations around the world.

Heck, it even determined the way we produced our beef and lamb.

It totally influences government policy and initiatives.  “The kids need to get out from behind their screens.  They’re getting fatter with McDonalds and lack of exercise!”

I swallowed it all hook, line and sinker.  I lent my voice and encouragement to these goals.

Personal Experience And Challenges

In my experience, as for nearly all of us, I expected to gain weight and slow down as I got older.  What else was there?

There was the glaring concern about our increasingly large society.  We plotted the rise of obesity.

We blamed it on that cursed fatty food and not enough exercise!  In adults too.

Did we have the right health foods?  We were sure.  Absolutely.

Get off the fat.  Not too many carbs.

Over time various foods were demonised.

Somehow we would find the magic bullet that would beat cancer, stop alzheimer's and slow down chronic disease.

A Confronting Change

Unsettlingly for the first time in decades our life-expectancy is on the decline. 

Chronic disease is accelerating making every insurer and government health agency quake at future expenses.  Not to mention the hard choices that were already being made. 

Who was going to get the benefit of an increasingly stretched health budget?

In our minds we often explained rising costs as caused by increasing technology.  With its increasing expense.  Nothing in health tends to be cheap.

The challenge for our body health seems to be increasingly severe. 

Why is that so?

Our Largest Health Gains

Did our health-body connection get lost somewhere?

Glowing health-body connection is what we expect epitomised by this mother and her baby in the parkSuggestion of a possible glowing health connection

I remember from my training years a community health lecturer ramming home to us that the biggest health gains we ever made as a society were through the use of sanitation. 

Separating our drinking and waste water led to the most massive increase in life-expectancy, preventing early deaths.

Antibiotics, anaesthesia enabling more daring operations, cancer therapies, anti-hypertensives and lipid-lowering drugs have had comparatively minor effects.  All medications have side effects too.

Change And Questions

Effectively unexpectedly I found a sudden change in my health.

I had tried a number of supplements of various types over the years. 

Especially after a brush with cancer!

Like all those supplements out there, though, these still follow that medical model - there is a deficiency in some effective agent, so let’s add that in and it will work.

Historically there were some stunning examples of such obvious trains of thought being proved wrong. 

One in Scandinavia years ago.  
People on high vitamin A diets seemed to have less heart disease and lived longer. 

Therefore a huge 50,000 or so population was put on a trial utilising this. 

Double blind and well-monitored, half received extra vitamin A supplements while the other half did not.

Unexpectedly more people in the vitamin A group started having heart attacks.  As the numbers rose, the trial was abandoned early to prevent unnecessary deaths.

Changing one element in our intake which seems to be beneficial or deleterious does not always work the way we think it should.  Other interactions are going on. 

Our bodies and our intake are much more complicated than we can conceive. 

Gut Connections To Health

Now we are recognising that bacteria in our gut seem to control both our metabolism and mood.  Studies are being initiated from observations where we are sure we know the combination that is responsible.

Bacteria from the gut of lean kids is to be given to overweight ones to see if they also return to a lean size.

Probiotics are recommended to improve the health-body connection physically and mentally.

My Changes in Health-Body

The change I found though was a little more complex and involved initially a very small change in a fluid I was taking.

I became more energetic and clear headed.  Sugar cravings and night snacks ceased.

People began commenting I had lost weight.  But I hadn’t changed anything in my intake, nor exercised more.

Woman bathing in sunlight in a meadow exemplifies a health-body rightly connectedGlowing health from skin to inner being should be attainable

I lost the gut I had developed.  It wasn’t really huge compared to some people’s.  But I had been starting to look like my father. 

My general body fat decreased.  Yet I wasn’t eating less fat. 

In contrast, when I began exploring why this occurred, I felt I could eat more. 

As well as drink a little more wine.  I had cut down to quarter glass in the evening to reduce my increasing weight. 

But nothing occurred until I made this one change.

Other Voices

As I researched I found a number of voices raising red flags out there.  They see reasons why our health-body is declining. 

One well-publicised figure is the paediatric endocrinologist Dr Robert Lustig, whose YouTube clip “Sugar - the Bitter Truth” exploded virally.  His contention about our rising sugar intake being more relevant to our current health crisis has been making some ground.

The medical community generally though is a little reluctant to fully agree.

Other alarming considerations interfering with our health-body are sounding as well.

Taken with the sugar issue, our agricultural and food production directions will only increase our problems.

There are answers available.

My Invitation

In having explored the many bites of information available, and putting them in practice in my own life I believe there area a number of keys for your health-body.  Keys important for each one of us individually and for the world as a whole. 

I have set up an initial training system on this.  If you wish to explore more I would recommend you join the journey, find out more through these videos and benefit yourself.

What is there to loose?  What would you not gain by being part?

Connect through the link I have placed here to be part of this journey.  You too can find the changes that I have been staggered by when we align our body with the way it was always designed to work.

It gives that health-body connection for physical, mental and general outward appearance resilience that we have been seeking.

See you on the other side…..

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