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Spider Veins On Face - There For All To See

“My spider veins on face don’t suit my position.  I can’t continue with these.  People looking at me sideways!”  Discomfort of a CEO.

Urban legends have created a stigma for those with spider veins on their faces.  Making you cringe when people can see yours.

Unfortunately shallow spider veins on face can be very obviousSituated in the skin itself spider veins stand out

Leading to all the various concealers designed to mask them. 

Especially once regular foundation is no longer enough on its own.  All those green bases and such to cover the red glow.

Men face the dilemma of having them on show versus wearing some form of makeup to hide them. 

Television appearances always cater for these red lines as well as pigmentation changes appearing over time. 

Those and the shiny glow studio lights reveal.

Reasons For Seeking Treatment

Two main situations drive those seeking treatment.

First, you can no longer hide them. 

Second, you are at another stage of your life.  You don’t wish to shock or put off a prospective new partner.

Urban Legends For Spider Veins On Face

What are the two main urban legends?  How accurate are they?


The biggie is that spider veins on your face, especially the nose, are caused by a significant alcohol intake.  Heavy or too much depending on your attitude.

The traditional supposed alcoholic.... 

Or the wine taster.

“You can see what he does!”


The other is labeling all spider veins on face as rosacea. 

Many times the general public, beauty and even health workers will tell you that you have rosacea, when often you do not.

Which is a  relief as this latter problem needs extra management to get you a best result. 

It also makes recurrences much more likely.  Usually because it requires longer term commitment to clear.

True rosacea is a triad of problems felt to be caused by underlying micro-organisms. 

Initially there is blushing with certain types of food especially spicy ones, coffee, etc.

A raised, lumpy rash can occur, similar to acne.

The longer rosacea is present the more likely spider veins are to start showing on the face.

Link To Alcohol

As far as alcohol goes, drinking does make your surface skin vessels dilate.  Similar to when you get hot. 

They will stand out more with a drink or two or more. 

But in itself your alcohol intake does not cause these shallow situated veins.

Trauma's Connection

Spider veins can arise after local trauma.  Like surgery. 

It’s an exaggerated healing effect as the body creates new vessels through the cut or injured tissue.

Another Form

Then there is the very localised collection with a central point, known as a spider naevus.


But back to the more common randomly tracking multiple spider veins on face.

Spider veins on face in a different form

Aside from rosacea and some other rarer skin conditions, the main causes are your parents and your lifestyle.  Heredity and environment. 

Certain families seem more prone to developing these vessels.

Environmentally being exposed to cold winters especially with outdoor jobs will bring out that family tendency.

People who sail and recreationally fish frequently often come for face vein treatments.

People like chefs going from cool rooms to working over hot hobs and stoves also seem prone.

Treatment Implications

There are a number of treatment options, usually requiring several sessions. 

With the underlying genetic tendency and continued harsh exposure more spider veins on face can appear over future years.

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