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If you are wishing to contact us, this is the place.  It's great to see your interest in the VeinRemedy site and Springdale Clinic

There may be details you would like expanded on.  Or maybe some particular query that has now arisen.

At any time you can comment in the social commenting box at the bottom of any page.  This tends to be rather open, visible to all comers.

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Clinic Hours

Now for those wanting to know the clinic's hours this might help.

We will be closed over public holidays and usually for around three weeks over the Christmas to New Year break.

We enjoy our holidays as much as anyone else.  It is essential to have a break at some time in the year.  We endeavour to take ours at a time when most of the rest of the country is having theirs.

Also with hotter weather, family events, celebrations and distractions, most people generally have too much on.  It becomes a logistical problem.

With changes going on Springdale finally closed the Pukekohe clinic in April 2019.

With a number of options open to us considering what would be the best way forward for the last few working years I have ahead of me I needed to make some hard decisions.

Initially I intended to go to Australia for my last few years.  Doing regular general practice. I even had a contract to work there.  Then the Australian GP college wanted me to have a year equivalent of full time regular general practice work....

.... choices .....

I looked around the country at a number of options.  Quite rapidly I got the opportunity to work north of Auckland.  Still initially understanding we were headed to Australia.

But .... we were offered the chance, staying here in NZ, to do vein work associated with the clinic here.

It will be in Warkworth where another clinic of the Coast to Coast group of clinics is fitted out and ready to go.  It needs to be well under way before the vein clinic can begin operation.

With Covid19 adding chaos to the year it is going to be at LEAST October 2020 before the vein treatments could resume.  Equipment is all stored ready.  Now part of Coast to Coast. 


Monday         CLOSED

Tuesday      1:30pm to 5pm

Wednesday  CLOSED

Thursday    CLOSED

Friday           CLOSED

Saturday            CLOSED

Sunday              CLOSED



The new clinic location in the north is in Warkworth at:

77 Morrison Drive, Warkworth, 0910, New Zealand

Currently mainly - the Rodney Surgical Centre

But also housing Coast to Coast Health Care

Or if you would prefer the Google interactive map adjustable in size and to get directions as well, then use this one below.

Or else check the address directly with Google maps to get your own directions on another device.

Other Details to Contact Us

If you wish to speak directly contact us by phone.  Our number will be :

09 425 8585

This obviously is in the process of change.

Meanwhile the mailing our box number remains:

PO Box 176, Pukekohe, Pukekohe, 2340

For those wanting to email us directly you can use:

If you have any other suggestions of what you would like me to cover, please leave me a comment below.

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