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Varicose Vein Treatment Cost Will Depend On What You Need

Varicose vein treatment cost will generally follow a pattern.  At Springdale Clinic with varicose veins treatment Auckland many charges are effectively fixed, with a few variations.  Cost to you will be determined by your veins, best therapy approach and what you can afford to part with for your situation.

Charges noted on this page are valid as from 1 October 2020.

Varicose vein treatment cost represented by a few low value notes in New Zealand dollars

There are ideal treatment options, but you might elect another possibility, assuming it’s viable, if you are shouldering the charges yourself.

Obviously if one leg only requires treating that will lower the charge. 

Usually not to half, due to basic time required for each procedure and equipment used.

The Assessment

To gauge your full problem you will need an assessment.

At Springdale, to prevent unexpected outcomes, I always do a vein mapping by ultrasound at the same time as the consultation. 

Rather than deciding from a brief look and a pocket doppler check that your problem was all that which is visible on the surface.  From that decision treating them as such.

Then later when your problem veins failed to clear having to find the underlying complication and effectively starting your treatment all over again.

Some clinics will get their mappings done at a radiology service apart from the practice. 

Others will do them at different times from the visual assessment and sometimes with different staff.  This can increase overall cost and time involved for you.

My assessments are geared for one hour.  Enough time to get the full history, get a brief physical check, and also do the ultrasound imaging.

Currently this assessment part of the varicose vein treatment cost, including the mapping, is $580.00.

Southern Cross And Assessment

If you are covered by Southern Cross, the way they fund it, there is effectively an extra step.

Varicose vein treatment cost with Southern Cross varies with some using a brief hand held doppler vascular ultrasound probeA hand-held doppler vascular ultrasound

Their initial assessment assumes a brief check and hand ultrasound checking with the pocket doppler instrument I mention above.  It’s very similar to a probe for listening to a baby’s heart.  In this case though the tip is smaller. 

It can create a bit of a misleading result.  You can miss significant underlying problems that may be located in a small unusual segment.

Ultrasound imaging will reveal problems at all levels and degrees.

Southern Cross will cover the mapping imaging as long as you fit their criteria. 

Whereas the initial brief assessment is covered to the degree of your percentage cover whether you meet their criteria or not, the mapping will not if you don't fit their requirements. 

Assessments and treatments cover apply as long as varicose veins are not excluded from your health insurance policy.

All other insurers will treat the assessment and mapping as one, which is the way we claim for it.

Compression Stockings

The next section of varicose vein treatment cost is the compression stocking.

Whatever treatment method is chosen all require compression stocking wearing for a period after each treatment session.  It aids healing, comfort and decreases any risk of vein therapy associated deep vein clots.

We recommend a single stocking for each treated leg.  Due to their cost, having a standby one is usually too expensive for most people.  Insurers expect to cover one stocking per leg.

You can follow more information on this in the upcoming page dedicated to compression stockings.

Stocking costs vary according to style, design and quality.

But it’s worth stating here that the usually white TED stockings used following most operations these days are not adequate for vein treatments.  They are not designed for this purpose.

Another consideration is that each support stocking is designed to fit your particular size leg.  Rather than that of your partner or friend.

Actual Treatments

Then there is the treatment in your varicose vein treatment cost.


Sclerotherapy is one approach.  By injecting an appropriate liquid into the damaged veins these can be closed down.

If there is no underlying problem deeper than that visible on the surface then treatment is by two sessions (occasionally more) of the injections, totalling about $3190.00.

Doing a single leg only would be around $2015.00.

These charges can be a little less with some styles of stocking.

Sclerotherapy is also used as the second or subsequent session following endovenous laser as I will mention in the section dealing with that.

Surface Laser

Purely surface veins at times can be managed with two or more sessions of surface laser.  Only veins to a certain size can be managed this way. 

Costs vary more with this approach as more extensive vessels may require a lot more time necessitating a higher charge.

As an indication this method of varicose vein treatment cost can be around $4700.00 for two legs.

With a single leg only requiring treatment this could be $3200.00

Endovenous Or Inside Vessel Laser Therapy

Varicose vein treatment cost for endovenous (or inside vessel) laser treatment with diagramatic representation of mechanism of action

Then we come to what is considered the best result related varicose vein treatment when there are underlying problems not visible on the surface.  The endovenous laser approach.

As I noted above and on the page dedicated to the technique, the surface vessels are managed by the injectable solution sclerotherapy technique.

Varicose vein treatment cost by endovenous laser is around $7521.00 for both legs and $4988.00 for a single leg.

Summary Table Of Varicose Vein Treatment Cost

For a summary table of costs, here is the breakdown for varicose veins Auckland area.


Both Legs

Single Leg







Surface Laser



Endovenous Laser




These are charges based on costs as of October 2020.  They will increase as costs and living costs increase. 

They can vary if more treatments than usual are required.

Requiring more than one stocking per leg will increase charges.

But these varicose vein treatment charges cover follow ups including any related touch ups that show at these checks. 

Unless of course a totally new problem arises.  That would involve a new series of treatment sessions and varicose vein treatment cost.

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