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The Varicose Vein Clinic For Your Best And Latest Options

A dedicated varicose vein clinic will have up-to-the-minute training on your best options and techniques for management.  Assessment and equipment will be state of the art. How is Springdale Clinic different from others now and in the past?

Springdale your local dedicated varicose vein clinic

In years gone by varicose veins would often fall into the less inspiring segments of a busy surgical practice.  They tend to be messy and complicated.  Less “cut and dried”.

Being a common problem they presented frequently.  But options for treatment and outcomes were not cutting edge.

Or at least, they were cutting edge with a scalpel.  But nothing dramatic had changed for many years.

Past Surgical Approaches

Various techniques were tried and discussed over time.  Other medical requirements could alter management.  Such as coronary artery bypass grafting (or CABaGe).

In early coronary artery surgery the long saphenous vein of the inner leg was used.  Stripping in varicose vein surgery removed many valuable donor vessels.  Cardiac surgeons began appealing for surgeons and patients to “Save our saphenous veins!”

New options were tried such as simply tying the saphenous vein junction with the femoral vein at the groin.  As before visible surface vessels were then avulsed - pulled out through a stab or linear incision over them.

Results were not encouraging.  A lot more people experienced very little improvement.  As well as an early and much more frequent recurrence.

The older approach came back in.  Often limited in the length of stripping from the groin to just below the knee.  This also preserved the saphenous nerve and its sensation further down the inside lower leg.

A varicose vein clinic employing surgery would involve multiple incisions with long term scars at points surface veins were avulsedIncision sites after varicose vein surgery

Arterial problems were often more appealing to general and vascular surgeons.  They were firmer, more well defined and less subject to wide variations.

As I mentioned varicose vein surgery was messy, time consuming and nowhere near as satisfying.  Nor was it classy.

With many different aspects of a wider practice to keep up on varicose veins were less well covered and available as a training option.

Prior Assessments

Governed by available technology of the day, assessments before undertaking surgery were often rudimentary physical ones.  Such as elevating your leg.  Then applying a rubber hose type tourniquet at various levels up your leg before you stood up again.

Filling of the surface veins crudely estimated where the underlying connecting defective veins were.  Surgery was planned from this.

Before good quality, more high-resolution ultrasound was developed contrast radiology (x-rays) were used.  Neither very comfortable nor safe. 

It carried risk from a total body radiation perspective.  Reactions to the contrast medium occurred.  Therefore they tended to be reserved for later recurring problems.

You would be facing another round of surgery.

Modern Assessments

These days a dedicated varicose vein clinic would always use ultrasound imaging to give an accurate picture of your problems.  Well before treatment.

And for the best management the ultrasound would be used to guide the treatment, ensuring accurate placement and to observe the veins’ responses.

Springdale Varicose Vein Clinic

In the Pukekohe varicose vein clinic of Springdale, these mapping assessments are always used.  Ultrasound imaging is also used for following up people who required these below surface managements.  Progress and effective resolution is able to be seen clearly.

With varicose veins involving the lion’s share of the practice, training is regular and continuing.  Always being presented by the best innovators and researchers.

Getting that initial key “10,000 hours” of experience that Malcolm Gladwell highlighted in his book Outliers as the key for top performers and experts is easy when it forms the majority of weekly practice time.

That milestone was passed many years ago at the varicose vein clinic of Springdale now in Pukekohe township in the Auckland region.

Value Of Experience

Repeated daily engagement in managing varicose veins has shaped my practice.  Daily feedback on results and progress allows me to tweak and adjust management to produce your best outcome.

Sweeping view of active assessment and treatment of Springdale varicose vein clinicMain vein treatment area at Springdale Clinic

Constantly doing the ultrasound mappings as well as using it at treatment and follow ups has allowed me to form an accurate picture of the many types of presentations and variations veins assume.

We truly are a vein treatment institute or vein treatment center.  We can offer you the best and latest options for your vein care.

Repeated daily exposure and management, balanced with careful observation has allowed me to produce increasingly better outcomes and management options.

Adjusting Management For Best Outcomes

At times these can be just the most minor tweaks.  But they can produce the most dramatic results or improvements.  Such as I mentioned in the sclerotherapy management page with using oxygen as the foam creation gas. 

The best length of time to have temporary small tape dressings on has changed over time as the result of my experience with people’s outcomes.

Also adjustments in the way I use sclerotherapy solution concentration variations after the initial internal laser  treatment.  This has has been shaped by frequent and repeated treatments and observations.

A dedicated varicose vein clinic will adjust its management options and style in response to new research results and observing multiple treatments in short time frames. 

Even recommendations from researchers can be more accurately evaluated with the wealth of over twenty years intensive experience.

With the huge variation of presentation and normal anatomy that occur in varicose veins time and repetition are the best teachers.  Always, of course, requiring careful observation and adjusted responses.

Communication And Informality

Coming originally from a background in family medicine, communication has always been highly important to me.  To explain and detail your problems and best treatment in daily language.  Instead of veiling it in the mystique of medical jargon.

Likewise creating a less formal and medicalised environment for your treatment.  A more personal approach provides a much more relaxing experience.

Effective Results

You want the best possible treatment, with the best long term outcome, the least invasive management adjusted for your particular situation and problem.  For your effective vein remedy.

With such a huge volume of intensive experience over many years you can be assured you are maximally benefitting from the focused attention of the varicose vein clinic at Springdale in Pukekohe.

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