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Fibro-Vein Local Trade Name For STD Sclerosant

If you hear of Fibro-vein being used for sclerotherapy it represents a company’s name for STS.  Or STD.  Sodium tetradecyl sulphate (or sulfate in North America) for vein sclerotherapy.

The hyphenated name is used by the supplier, Omnimed, in South Africa.

Fibro-vein represented here by a 5ml vial of the 3% strength Fibrovein product distributed Europe and on to other countries including New Zealand

The non-hyphenated form as Fibrovein is that used by European companies for distribution there and beyond. 

Including New Zealand.

As such the name quite well illustrates its action. 

Aimed to produce a fibrous, or scarring, reaction inside a treated vein.

With body remodelling the treated vein effectively disappears as covered in the section on sclerotherapy or vein injection treatment.

In North America its trade name is sotradecol.

As I mentioned in the sclerotherapy page, sodium tetradecyl sulphate is my first choice for a chemical sclerosant.

Long History Of Use

It has a long history from being developed in the 1940s specifically for vein treatments.  Its actual use began in 1946.

Since that time it has been widely used in many situations.  Long term unexpected side effects or results have not eventuated.  As long as it is used correctly.

Including Pregnancy

Another benefit of its long history is that it was widely utilised for varicose veins in pregnancy long before thalidomide reared its nasty spectre.

As I have mentioned under causes of varicose veins, pregnancy is one of the inducers of varicose vein creation.  They also tend to get worse at that time.

Due to many factors.  Such as the increased blood volume.  Hormonal changes associated with pregnancy that affect tissue responses and changes. 

As well as the pressure exerted by the baby’s head, and the rest of its body, in the pelvis on vessels returning blood back to the mother’s heart.

At times vulval varicosities will arise in pregnancy that may threaten to bleed at the time of delivery.  They could rupture or get torn around delivery and bleed profusely. 

Sclerosing them with an agent like fibro-vein was one option readily adopted in the early years of use to prevent this.

Fibro-vein, with in this case the Fibrovein European version packaged in groups of 5ml 3% strength solutions.Multiple vials of the UK produced product

Besides that special indication many expectant mothers with varicose veins find they ache considerably more in pregnancy. 

Plus they do get dramatically worse.  They may settle somewhat after delivery.  But can be worrying as they develop and spread rapidly.

There is therefore the option to use a well tried agent like fibro-vein, or fibrovein, if there are significant problems. 

Like any medication, the benefit needs to weighed against any possible risk. 

Most everyone would avoid using anything in the first trimester (the initial third of the pregnancy). 

But usually increasing problems with varicose veins arise in the mid to later parts of a pregnancy.  Practitioners would be less concerned about using an agent with such a well tried history in these later stages.

Creating Foamed Versions

As a detergent based reagent it can be made into a foamed sclerosant.  Giving a more predictable result with smaller agent volumes.

As I noted in the other information on sclerotherapy treatments STS, STD, fibro-vein or fibrovein tends to generate the more stable foam of the detergent agents.

Making Designer Dilutions With Fibro-Vein

Not only that but varied dilutions can be created very easily.

Ranging from its strongest available concentration which is effective in treating very large varicose veins even to very specially chosen dilutions for treating the finest spider veins. 

There is no need to use another agent for these tiny vessels.  Although some people do so.

Supplier For New Zealand From Europe

For my New Zealand patients supplies for fibro-vein, or as they name it Fibrovein, come from a UK manufacturing company.  STD (not our most common association for these letters) Pharmaceutical Products Ltd in Hereford.

They produce a range of ready-made concentrations for those who want draw-up ready ones. 

As shown in the image, these are 3%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.2%.  The 3% comes in a 5ml and 2ml ampoule.

Fibro-vein as Fibrovein from STD Pharmaceuticals Ltd in Hereford, UK from their dedicated site on itRange of dilutions from STD Pharmaceuticals Ltd UK courtesy of their dedicated site

My Practise

The lesser concentrations are not in the ideal ranges I would use. 

I prefer to make my own dilutions of the base 3% most concentrated version.

This gives me greater flexibility for the best outcomes while minimising unwanted reactions to too strong a solution.  Like fine vessel matting I mentioned in sclerotherapy.

Using it appeals strongly to me in my practice due to its long, stable history of production by the manufacturer.   As well as its wide use.

Fibro-vein offers all the benefits of flexibility, history, safety and effectiveness.

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