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Blue Veins Under Eyes Looking Tired, Old Or Both

Blue veins under eyes really bug people. If they themselves do not notice them others will.  And comment.

Of all the deeper seated veins on the face, these are the ones I see most often for treatment.

At their least prominent they produce dark circles under your eyes. 

All dark circles are not blue veins.  But when they are, they can be cleared very easily.

Blue veins under eyes can be quite raised and tortuousSignificantly raised and tortuous blue reticular vein under the eye

Pigment changes under your eyes also create dark circles.  It is possible to sort them out.  It’s just more work than veins.

At their worst blue veins under under eyes will tent up the skin surface above them.

They can even be quite tortuous.  Similar to a varicose vein in the leg. 

Contributing Causes

Fortunately they do not tend to be actually varicose in function.  Just bulky and longer than normal.

Probably as the result of frequent rubbing of the skin under the eye. 

Stretching the overlying skin and the structures below it.

As I mentioned in the general page on blue face veins they can be prominent because of underlying nose and sinus congestion.  From hay fever or temperature sensitivities.

Blood that normally drains deeper into the face gets restricted in its outflow.  It builds up behind, stretching the vein.

Family inherited traits can produce large veins under your eyes.

But usually there is no such history.

Associated Sensations

For some people they can be uncomfortable.  Giving a drawing full feeling.

This induces more rubbing which only makes the appearance worse.

Interfering With Beauty Perceptions

In universal scores of human beauty, recognised as common across all racial types, certain qualities are valued.

Blue veins under eyes break ideals of the universal beautiful face

Large wide open eyes. 

Full lips. 

Even partitioning of the sections of the face. 

Then the play of light on certain facial prominences.  Like the cheekbones or malar area, the chin, nose and lower lip.

Eye-pleasing curves and shaping complete the elements of beauty picture.

Anything that distorts these immediately recognisable qualities creates a less desirable appearance.

Therefore a raised vein under the eye creating another highlight will distract from this.

General Management

So both from a comfort as well as an appearance standpoint, people will seek treatment.

If there is underlying nasal and sinus congestion it is best to sort this out first.

It may be enough to settle the veins completely. 

If not it improves skin drainage of the area.  Other veins are less likely to appear later.

Prior Checking

Beyond this it is worth checking such prominent blue veins under eyes are not the main blood drainage channel.  That would be unusual.

But if they ere it is important to know.  You don’t want any other skin congestion problems arising after treatment.

It can be checked easily by applying local pressure to the vessels for ten to fifteen minutes.  Enough to compress them flat.  Stopping the blood flowing.

If there is no feeling of discomfort or other strange sensations it should be fine to close them down.

Blue veins under eyes can vary in extent

Effective Treatment Of Blue Veins Under Eyes

The best method is to use a laser.  A few external shots through the skin will be enough.

The wavelength needs to be appropriate to reach the vessel.  The infra-red spectrum will do it.

The length of the pulse that delivers the energy needs to be short enough to work effectively.

Often one session will be enough.  But at times a second will be required to close a residual segment.

I have used injectable solutions in the years before I had my lasers.  
But these veins do drain into deeper vessels tracking down along the optic nerve region to a large area known as the cavernous sinus.

You do not want to compromise that point.  Great care needs to taken.

Long Term Outlook

It is possible new blue veins under eyes might appear over years.  Especially if the general management conditions I outlined above have not been followed.

But I have not seen this yet over many years treating people.

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